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AIR Index ‘A’ rating for Jaguar Land Rover

Car buyers were recently invited to rank a group of cars from the cleanest to the dirtiest, based on the actual NOx emissions produced in urban driving. The cleanest car was a full-size SUV and the dirtiest a small supermini. No-one placed the order of the six cars correctly, and it was the same result when journalists and policy makers carried out the exercise.

Maximising the value of clean cars

The 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC diesel in your showroom is becoming a problem. It arrived as a trade-in with the right spec and at the right money but there’s been little interest and no offers. With the target stockturn date approaching it will probably be traded-on, removing any profit opportunity. But, is there something practical that you could do now, to sell the car and retain the margin?