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Dieselgate – it doesn’t have to be this way…

The scandal which rocked the car industry is back in the headlines this week. The lessons from four years ago are clear and it’s time to act.

Top Selling Vans Identified with Excessive Real-World Urban NOx Emissions, Latest AIR Index Tests Find

Independent real-world rating system puts emissions of best-selling vans in the spotlight with some encouraging and some shocking results

The AIR Alliance welcomes the Irish Government’s ground-breaking NOx-based car tax emissions plans

Pioneering ‘polluter pays’ approach must use trusted, independent NOx data to be fair and effective, which only the AIR Index provides

The real Bill for Clean Air

The health effects of air polution must be enshrined in law to force a solution that actually works rather than creating eye-catching policies

Euro 6 & NOx Emissions: Are Euro 6 Cars Clean?

Recent DVSA tests reveal that some Euro 6 vehicles which technically meet the legislated laboratory tests produced up to 20 times the NOx emissions limit during a track test.

DVSA Report Confirms High Risk of Low Emission Zone Failures From Over-Emitting Euro 6 Vehicles

25 July 2019 – The latest findings from the DVSA’s ‘2018 Vehicle Emissions Testing Programme’1 highlight the threat to air quality improvements in ultra-low emission zones (ULEZs) from poor vehicle emissions from some Euro 6 cars.

Clean Air Day 2019: How to Get Involved

Clean Air Day is the UK’s largest air pollution campaign, organised by Global Action Plan.

Clean Air Day 2019 – Using the AIR Index to Boost the Impact of City Clean Air Zones

London, 20 June 2019 – Clean Air Day 2019 is a timely call to cities across Europe to turn policy ambition into action, following London’s lead in reducing harmful vehicle emissions through its clean air zone.

AIR Index ‘A’ rating for Jaguar Land Rover

Car buyers were recently invited to rank a group of cars from the cleanest to the dirtiest, based on the actual NOx emissions produced in urban driving. The cleanest car was a full-size SUV and the dirtiest a small supermini. No-one placed the order of the six cars correctly, and it was the same result when journalists and policy makers carried out the exercise.

Maximising the value of clean cars

The 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC diesel in your showroom is becoming a problem. It arrived as a trade-in with the right spec and at the right money but there’s been little interest and no offers. With the target stockturn date approaching it will probably be traded-on, removing any profit opportunity. But, is there something practical that you could do now, to sell the car and retain the margin?

The AIR Index Launch Highlights

A short film from the AIR Index launch in London on 28 February 2019

ULEZ: A step in the right direction but will still let ‘dirty diesels’ into the capital, says AIR

Press release from AIR on the launch of London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ)

It’s time to clean up city air quality – properly

A measured welcome for the launch of London’s ULEZ with a call for more progress, more quickly.

Building confidence to help every customer make the right fuel choice

Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.’ Seth Godin’s words could be the main agenda item for every sales meeting this year because they sum up both the problem and the solution when selling cars in the current market.

Rebuilding customer confidence after Dieselgate

‘I’d really like a (insert car model), but we can’t buy a diesel as a family car because its emissions are bad for us and it’ll drop in value like a stone’.

Jaguar Land Rover is first car maker to put new cars to the test with the AIR Index 7 Mar 2019
AIR Index Launches 28 Feb 2019 UK

AIR Index Launch Press Release 28.02.19

The AIR Index – The Testing Process Infographic

View the AIR Index testing process

The AIR Index – Methodology Infographic

The AIR Index – Methodology

The AIR Index Brochure – download

Download the The AIR Index – Car emissions rated from A to E 25.02.19

The AIR Index – Rating For Euro 6 Cars Clouds Infographic

View the AIR Index rating diagram

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