The AIR Index Launch Highlights

A short film from the AIR Index launch in London on 28 February 2019

We launched the AIR Index to help everyone make informed choices about the cars they buy with clear, colour-coded ratings of the actual NOx emissions from A (the best) to E (the worst). The fact is that most of us are confused as to which cars are clean and which are dirty, and with no obvious way to tell one from another it’s easy to assume, for example, that a large SUV produces more NOx than a much smaller supermini. But that’s not necessarily the case and the wrong car choice makes a big difference to the quality of the air in towns and cities.

Until now it’s not been easy to make the right choice. When we asked people to rank the actual emissions of six cars at our launch event, we were shocked that no-one, including journalists and policy makers, rated the cars correctly.

Check your own car at and join us on our mission to improve urban air quality NOW.