A complete AIR quality solution The AIR Index has been developed to provide all of the tools required by key stakeholders to improve urban air quality.

Air Index - Diagram
  • A standardized framework for the independent vehicle emissions tests using CWA 17379.
  • The AIR Index ratings of urban NOx emissions for vehicles from A (the best) to E (the worst) in a searchable database.
  • A labelling scheme to enable a single, Europe-wide city access for vehicles with one badge.
  • A certificate of urban NOx performance available for every vehicle rated in the AIR Index.
  • A database of vehicles showing the AIR Index ratings and whether vehicles would be allowed access to towns and cities with a NOx limit of 270 mg/km.
  • Marketing and communications materials to inform car buyers at point of sale both online and in retail stores.

The AIR Index offers a comprehensive solution for towns and cities to create fair and robust policy, built on independent NOx emissions tests that are the basis for a legal framework.

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